Haggling 101


The comprehensive e-guide to not getting ripped off when shopping overseas. You’ll need to buy a bigger wallet for all the money you’ll save overseas.
Learn the secrets to buying rugs, souvenirs, paintings, crafts and sculptures overseas. Walk into the interaction with confidence and leave with a great memory of your trip, not buyer’s remorse.

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Product Description

Negotiation has its own tactics, techniques and procedures

This is your bible for getting the most from any exchange overseas.¬†How you can avoid buyer’s remorse and not take advantage of your overseas hosts.

This 15-page e-guide will walk you through purchasing almost anything abroad, with a special section on buying rugs.

Master overseas negotiation

e-Guide Sections:

  1. The Three Rules of Haggling Overseas: How to avoid buyer’s remorse and not offend your host country merchants.
  2. Tactics of the masters: Using culture, timing, product knowledge and saving face to your advantage.
  3. Team tactics. Got a buddy? Negotiate as a team!
  4. Tactics THEY use against you.
  5. Rug shopping. There is so much to buying rugs that it deserves its own section.



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