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The quick e-guide to the main challenges that study abroad students face on every overseas academic trip. Learn the secrets to combating the main issues you will face that your advisor may not tell you about. Make the most of your experience – here’s how.


Email me here or at [email protected] from a .edu account and tell us where you’re going; we’ll get you a complimentary copy of the Student Travel Guide. Spend that cash on drinks overseas instead!

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Product Description

Students are woefully unprepared before heading overseas. A school handbook and a list of phone numbers is GUARANTEED to set you up for failure.  Not sure where to start?

This 14-page e-guide will walk you through the eight main challenges to set you up for success.

Eight main challenges that students face abroad:

  1. Do you know what to ask your adviser or study abroad coordinator?
  2. How do I adapt / blend in to the new culture?
  3. Safety: Understanding the security situation in-country.
  4. Who do I contact in case of an emergency? How do I keep these numbers organized and developing a backup plan?
  5. Will my phone work over there?
  6. The Dip: The emotional low that happens around month two. Are you prepared for it?
  7. Area Familiarization – The faster you acclimate to your neighborhood, the faster you can get down to enjoying your new digs.
  8. Cash: How do I take it over there, how much do I need and how do I get more if there’s an emergency.


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