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Chefchaouen, or ⵜⵛⴻⴼⵜⵛⴰⵡⴻⵏ in Berber: This is where I go when I want to get away from it all.

Nestled perfectly in the Rif mountains, you’ll find a sleepy little town with a pot habit (or Kif as the locals call it).  While I don’t personally partake of the Kif, I really enjoy the laid back vibe, easily navigated streets and blue walls of Chef.  My travel blog buddy Kayleen at Adventures To Nowhere also shares the love for the blue town in the mountains and adds her own special flair when describing it.

The valley

View from the room

I first visited in September and again in January – both times by car, and yes, I got lost both times getting there.  Getting here may be your biggest challenge. Bus is most commonly cited, but grands taxis are also an option.

Well hello there...

Cute girl in the Dar

Chef itself is a safe place, we were out walking around after 11pm and had no incidents to speak of, nor the sense that we could be in danger.

When I go I don’t usually leave the medina.  Be aware that finding your hostel, hotel or riad in a medina can be a challenge, so be prepared and get directions ahead of time.

In general, hiking and relaxing are number one and two on the list of things to do here, shopping; however, is also a surprisingly productive past time.


This city would be incredibly expensive if you were playing Wheel of Fortune (so many vowels). I ended up buying more souvenirs here than anywhere else in Morocco due to awesome prices and super friendly people. I recommend buying local olive oil, trying anything with Argan oil – the lotion is one of my faves and there is a unique soap shop just off of the main square.

Chef-hilltop_BlogNumber three thing to do: Marijuana or Kif

While not overly in your face, it’s easy to find. I’ve never had a problem, a polite no usually suffices.  Note: The penalties for possession or purchase of drugs in Morocco ranges from a spot fine up to ten years in prison, but be aware that if the offense is serious enough, you could face the death penalty.

If you’re in Morocco, Chefchaouen is a perfect spot for a zero day or, alternatively a great hike; definitely worth the stop if you can work it into your route.

Have you been to Chef? Did you love it?

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