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Travel Safer is dedicated to helping you travel smarter and safer.

It’s also the place to get inspiration, no-bullshit guides, and actual tips you can use to plan, pack, and raise your Overseas IQ – anywhere in the world. Advice like how to create emergency crib sheets, backup cash options and how to stay safe and still eat adventurously.

You don’t have to be special forces or have a background in professional cage fighting to be safe while you travel, which is a good thing, since not many of us are and since your job may require you to travel to some less than savory locations whether or not you went to BUDs.

Yes, you (and your team) can become savvy world travelers who are prepared for whatever the environment throws their way. Travel confidently and worry-free, take a chance on those life experiences because you know how to evaluate them before you set foot in the door.

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Hey, I’m JC!

(A personal note from JC)

I travel.  A LOT.  I love it.  I love picking up random phrases from various languages, trying new foods, all the clichés.  I also love not being robbed and avoiding other misfortunes.  In other words:  I love to make the most of my vacation – I only get so much time per year to explore, I want it to be incident free.

Given the experience I’ve gained during my travels, I want to share with you what I’ve learned and been taught.  Here I will post travel safety tips, general travel advice and suggestions to make the most of your vacation.  Whether you’re a well-heeled jet-setter, a debutante or a study abroad student you will find something here that makes your trip safer and better. You can expect to find one to two posts a week, all travel related and ranging from safety advice, country and city profiles, gear reviews planning and packing tips, to the occasional confession.  I’m also a mud runner, one-time marathoner (January ’14 in Marrakech, Morocco) and gym rat, so expect to see some discussions on finding running routes and no-equipment solutions to working out on the road.

I’m a late bloomer, I didn’t catch the travel bug until after college so I’ve been spending the last few years catching up.  At this point the official tally is 44 (yes, I count Scotland as its own country) countries and counting: 2016 was a good year and my goal is to pass 50 by 2018.

Travel Safe,

J.C. Lightcap

J.C. Lightcap

Founder, author, trainer

J.C. is a serial traveler, adventure seeker and author of The Travel Safety Handbook. Former military with a background in training and government contracting, J.C. brings a special combination of experience and fun with learning to the travel safety environment. Travel Safer provides travelers with the tools to focus on their travel goals advising business travelers, preparing study-abroad students and equipping families with the knowledge to return home successful with memories that will last a lifetime, not horror stories.

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