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If you’re just catching up on Password Managers (PM) check out this article to get up to speed.

This app blew my mind when I first used it.

It automates this increasingly more complex process known as ‘remembering and using all these passwords every time I use a computer”. Logins are the new loyalty card – everybody wants you to log in to use a service or access some info just like I need a loyalty card to buy a pack of gum.

If you’re looking for an option that makes this process drastically easier – Dashlane has got it covered.

Dashlane considers itself a password manager and a digital wallet, so we’ll break the features up into two categories as well.

Password Manager

  • Password managing – a secure space to store the absurd number of passwords we need to remember daily.
  • Form autofill – When you land on a webpage that Dashlane recognizes, it will automatically fill in the login information for you. #TimeSaver
  • Password changer – Dashlane will evaluate your existing passwords by strength and longevity and give you a rating based on the two. If your password has been around too long and needs to be updated, they’ll let you know. If your password is the same as your dog’s name or the code that you also use for your luggage, Dashlane will let you know and prompt you to update it.
  • Password generator – Now that you know you should change your password, Dashlane will do that for you as well and create a super secure version that is not a variation of your kids’ names.
  • Sync your database across several devices *Premium Feature* – want access on your laptop, tablet, and desktop? No problem, Dashlane will do it.

Digital Wallet

  • Want to store more than just passwords and logins in the manager? No problem.
  • Receipts: Booking flight for travel? Import a screenshot or the receipt directly into Dashlane instead of walking around with a folder full of receipts.
  • Credit cards: Keep multiple credit card numbers and information in the vault. Great way to have access to them without having to travel with the card itself. Especially the overseas collect number in case you misplace or lose the card and need to cancel it in a hurry. Also, will autofill your credit card information and update you when the card is about to expire.
  • Frequent flyer accounts: I have 23 various hotel and airline reward program numbers to remember. Or should I say ‘had’ to remember – now they’re in my PM.
  • Passport and other IDs: Especially useful if managing a stable of travelers.

If you’re interested, you can find the full suite of Digital Wallet features here.


  • Encryption: Dashlane adheres to the top industry standards for encryption, so your database and the NSA’s top-secret files are all encrypted to the same level.
  • Yubikey – a special key developed to authenticate the database before allowing access. This is a unique form of verification also known as Two Factor Authentication (TFA), see next bullet.
  • Two Factor Authentication (TFA) *Premium feature* – TFA means having a separate coded file present on the machine to access the database. You can create your TFA with a special Yubikey or coded file that lives on a flash drive or in the cloud. It also means Dashlane will require validation before opening on a new device.  The extra layer of security that TFA provides is clutch if you’re traveling or working in an office full of snoops.
  • Dashlane includes TFA in the *Primo* package, which I highly recommend if you’re going to be traveling overseas to a location where you might be around those who have the resources and inclination to break into your data.

Transitioning to Dashlane

Import: Have your passwords stored in a spreadsheet or other manager? Import them into Dashlane for an easy transition.

Auto creation: Upon visiting a new website and creating a password, Dashlane will ask if you’d like to add the information to your database. If so, it will do it automatically for you.


I was not a fan of Dashlane jumping in my face asking to remember what I type every time I open a web page with a text field on it. That’s a bit of hyperbole, but still – if I want to remember a password, I’ll let you know.

Having a password manager drastically simplified my life online and answered the serious question “How do I bring my passwords with me in a secure format when I’m away from my home office?”

Want more from Dashlane? You can find them here:

*The YouTube channel is great for tutorials

I receive no compensation from Dashlane for my thoughts, awesome though they may be.

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