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There’s a lot coming down the pike in the upcoming year: We took a short break from writing and traveling while we planned the future of Travel Safer and what that may look like for the Travel Bootcamps, Seminars and consulting. Now that we’re travel consulting full time, we’ve found the time (and energy) to continue posting here.
As always, we welcome your suggestions for future articles.

So how did 2018 go?

This was an eventful year, filled with lots of paperwork and administration, with less actual travel than I would have liked. We sold and subsequently bought a house, moved, had a baby, got a new passport and bumped the official country count to 45!

Passports and more passports

I spent a good chunk of the first part of the year renewing MY passport.
Spoiler alert – I did receive the new passport before any travel plans came to fruition. Expect the full, nail-biting conclusion to the passport renewal saga sometime in the new year.
Not only did we arrange my own passport, but we also navigated the murky waters of a newborn baby passport application; we will document the not-as-complicated-as-you might-think process in the new year.


One trip outside the country this year and the big winner was…
Can you believe that I haven’t been? I know – incredible. We’re already working on the country profile series in the coming months to detail how and why we chose to travel with a six-month old infant to the Emerald Isle, how we packed and the challenges we faced once there.
We were pleasantly surprised by the coffee scene and the Guinness and soda bread (and Guinness soda bread!) were exactly what we hoped they would be!

The year ahead

What sort of fantastic does 2019 hold in store?
In addition to consulting, we continue to welcome requests for pre-travel briefs and talks at Universities.
On top of that, we’re currently planning our Bootcamps for 2019; if you want a bootcamp in your city, let us know!
Personally – my bucket list is topped by Tunisia and New Zealand. I’m also emailing with the tourism board of Honduras; I’d like them to invite me down to see if the country is as dangerous as the media reports.

Here’s to a safe and productive 2019!

What are YOUR plans for 2019‽

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