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Tech Review | Enpass Password Manager

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I’ve been traveling with my trusty password manager (PM) for a while now (and I’m still 100% behind them in terms of security), but this exercise was a great introduction into the world PMs or “Password Vaults” as I call them. The features and usability of even the free versions of this software makes a huge improvement in my online quality of life. Once I installed Enpass and imported all my passwords it became apparent that the developers put a lot of thought into making this app easy to use, intuitive and a big time saver.

Is this your current password manager? Img: Tim Gouw

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I counted up over 256 passwords that I have to keep track of. Because of this, I purchased a whole new wardrobe that consists of the exact same shirts and pants so I don’t have to make any more choices during the day. This frees up brain space to remember passwords. No, not really – but PMs are a serious game changer when it comes to navigating our online accounts.

Why it’s awesome

  • Save it: No more sticky notes all over the monitor, now all your passwords are in one location. Additionally, Enpass has a feature that allows it to remember new passwords as you enter them. #LifeSimplified
  • Organize it: This is one of THE BEST features of password managers if you’ve never used one before. Just being able to file them away in the categories provided (or create your own) really simplifies life.
  • Take it with you (Sync it): Heading on the road with a laptop or tablet? The Enpass platform offers various options to sync depending on your cloud provider (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.) . Alternatively you can sync using a file that you place into a cloud storage platform if you use one that is not already on their list. I tried this feature even though I use three of the four options mentioned in the link above to test it out and it works seamlessly.
  • Remember it: Enpass does more than just remember passwords, I store my reward program info and membership data in there as well, not to mention passport data, etc.
  • Automate it: If you install the browser add-on feature, you can enter passwords directly from the browser instead of going back and forth to the app.

One other way that PMs are better than having sticky notes pasted all over your monitor is the security factor.


  • Encryption: Your data is held behind a 256-bit AES wall of encryption; the industry standard… if your industry includes national intelligence.
  • Master password: How safe is your master password? Enpass does not store your encryption key or passwords; which means that your master password is so safe that if you forget it, you might as well start over. Enpass goes above and beyond by stating, “There is no other record of your master password or its derivative anywhere in the universe.”
  • We don’t need no stinking data: Your data is yours and Enpass wants to keep it that way. All your password data is stored locally on your device unless you choose to sync it through a cloud server that you yourself designate – in which case you control the process and the data file is still encrypted (see ‘Encryption’ above).

If you want to know more about their security features, I’ll let them tell you

The only downside security-wise (which is not a downside in terms of usability) is the lack of two-factor authentication, or TFA – or what others may call a Key File. A TFA adds a second layer of security – especially useful if there is a possibility that someone may take more than a passing interest in your passwords while you’re on travel. I’ve submitted a request on their forum to add that second layer of security – I’ll keep you updated if they respond.

Using a different PM and don’t want to re-enter all that information? I didn’t either. Good news is: You don’t have to! You can export the data file from your old PM and import it into Enpass and you’re off and running within just a few minutes.
Also, for additional reviews of Enpass and the other options out there, be sure to visit to find the best PM for YOUR needs.

Want more from Enpass? You can find them here:

*The YouTube channel is great for tutorials

*I receive no compensation from Enpass for my thoughts, awesome though they may be.

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