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Travel Inspiration | The Future Is Now The Past

By January 16, 2016 No Comments

I’m sure (I’m hoping) that you all know by now that October 21, 2015 was the day that Marty McFly traveled to from 1985.  The news that the future is now the past hit me like a pop-culture time capsule.

Self-balanching board

Yes, it will shuttle me through O’Hare airport – but does it hover? via flickr/TechStage

Like an instant Polaroid picture, Marty McFly was a reflection of everything that was cool at the time: The vest; the rolled jeans; the cool hair.  The movie also painted a picture of what WOULD be cool:  Self drying jackets; flying cars; and yes – the Hover Board… And while the hover board may not be perfected yet, there will always be inspiration found from movies, books, and art.

New Zealand 2006/2007

The Shire – a local farm in NZ. via flickr/TravellingPooh

A show of hands if you’ve found yourself on a flight to New Zealand solely because of the breathtaking footage from Lord of The Rings, in the deserts of Tunisia to visit the Star Wars village of Tataouine (the town’s real name, by the way), or wandering the streets of Edinburgh to have a cup of coffee and soak up inspiration from the café where Harry Potter was born.

Have some Joe while you manage your mischief.

The Year of Getting Off the Couch is 75% over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to travel (see what I did there?).  So get out there, go to a museum or watch Casablanca, hell even Sex in the City 2 (filmed in the deserts of Morocco by the way) and soak up some ideas for travel adventure!

How has art inspired YOUR bucket list?

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