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Q&A | Stephanie of 47 Parks

By October 18, 2016 No Comments
Stephanie in her environment

Stephanie in her environment

Stephanie is on a world-class road trip entirely within the United States. Her goal? Visit all 47 U.S. National parks. She and her tear-drop camper home nicknamed ‘Clarence’ are great reminders that there are many fantastic things to see and do right here in the U.S., probably closer to you than you think. Why take a ‘staycation’ when you can hop in the car and see some of the best the U.S. has to offer?

On her way through Colorado she stopped in Denver to chat about her trip:

When did you start your adventure?

June 29, 2016

What’s your favorite place to travel?

Outside! Places in nature where I can get away from the crowds and fully immerse my senses in the surrounding landscape.

What’s your what worst travel story? What happened, how did you deal with it?

I accidentally landed on a toll road going the opposite direction and – because of construction – couldn’t get off at the next exit. I ended up driving 25 miles in the wrong direction and adding more than 50 minutes to my trip that day. Plus, I had to pay a toll! It was near the end of a long travel day, so I was tired and frustrated. I fought back tears, realized that there was nothing I could do about it, and tried to find some upbeat music on the radio. Stewing about my stupid mistake would have just added to my misery. Like water off a duck’s back, ya know?

Great Sand Dunes, CO with Mitch and Hank

Great Sand Dunes, CO with Renae, Mitch and Hank

Where did you get the idea for the 47 parks?

I went to Zion national park in the fall and was astounded by how absolutely gorgeous it was. I had a realization that there were many places like this within America that I had never seen. I decided to take a road trip, and hitting up all the national parks seemed like a perfect way to see a variety of outdoor gems. I honestly didn’t think much about it being the centennial – I just wanted to be outside and see my country.

What’s your number one piece of travel advice?

Try to find the perfect balance between planning and going with the flow. I think it’s wise to have some sense of what your day might look like, but it’s so important to be open for last-minute changes and spontaneous moments. Some of my favorite times on my trip have been random unplanned events, but I need some sort of structure in order to keep me from going crazy.

As a solo female traveler, she also has a lot of great tips for anyone who wants to hit the road, but has hesitations. Follow along with Stephanie and Clarence on the 47Parks.com website where Stephanie does a great job of bringing you into her adventures, plus – you could basically create an itinerary based on her posts. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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