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Gear Review

Gear Review | Go2Towel Travel Towel

By July 12, 2016 No Comments

BLUF: This is the best new addition to my travel pack all year

Go2Towel_Bag_HorizontalDouglas Adams once said, “A Towel is about the most massively useful thing a traveler [sic] can have”, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. For its size, the Go2Towel has made a huge impact on multiple areas of my current trip.

Let’s start the review by discussing utility:

Neck roll, pillow, backrest, blanket, towel, beach towel – there is not much that I have not used this for on my month-long trip throughout Scandinavia. I even rolled up wet clothes inside it and then stepped on it to help the sink-washed laundry dry more quickly.

Initially I thought the towel might be too big to take with on a light packing trip but since I love multipurpose equipment, I quickly saw the value in the towel. The women in the seat next to me on the flight to Amsterdam asked where I got the blanket and noted that it would have been perfect to wrap up the infant they had in tow.Go2Towel_Vertical

Does it work?


Quite adept at soaking up water, which was my major complaint with my last pack towel.

Dry Time:

Dries quickly despite its high level of absorbency. This factored in quite well on this trip since I did not always have the time to leave it out all day to dry.


Go2Towel_Hostel_bergenThe Go2Towel website mentions they treat their towels with silver ion antibacterial material (which you also will find in high-end workout gear). To be honest, I have used it seven times over the last two weeks, with periods in-between where I stuffed it into a bag and it smells as fresh as when it arrived. (I have since put it through the wash)


The Go2Towel comes with its own stuff-sack, which is big enough to fit the towel back into whether you are like me, the overly organized packer who tries to fold everything as it came in the original packaging, or if you’re more like my brother, who prefers to stuff gear back into bags in an almost violent manner.


The XL is 30 inches by 60 inches and weighs in at 6oz. A good size if you’re trapsing around Europe for a few weeks, or in your gym bag. If you flash-pack and are looking for something smaller, I would cut it in half and share with a friend, or perhaps make it into a towel and a washcloth combo.

Go2TowelWhile I’m currently using it to stay in campgrounds, hostels, and Airbnbs around Norway, Denmark and Sweden, this towel will definitely go in my bag for pre-work gym sessions where I’ll be showering before heading to the office.

In summary: Do not steal the hotel towels – besides, these are much more portable and functional when you are traveling, staying on the beach or heading to the gym. As an added bonus, I thought I should mention that Go2Products has a 100% lifetime satisfaction rating by Amazon users.

Go2Products also makes a packable day bag, perfect for trips where you may be doing some day hikes or exploring a new city with your camera, water bottle, maps etc. By that, I mean it has room for delicious chocolate!

*Special thanks to Go2Products for providing me with the towel. All comments and thoughts are my own.

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