Your guide to safer, better travel.

Insights include:

Family Vacation

Learning advanced travel skills will help you worry less and teach your kids travel/life skills that will keep them safer no matter where they go.

Business Travel

Make your business trip more productive. Interpol’s Stolen Document database has 54 million IDs – don’t let yours wind up there.

Study Abroad

Study abroad students are four times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault than their stateside counterparts

How To Not Be A Statistic

Take your personal safety abroad into your own hands. Learn to avoid dangerous situations and raise your overseas I.Q.

Travel Safety Handbook Cover

Best book on traveling safely out there - a lot of good info for solo and group traveling with basic instinct know how.

LaTonia B.

My first overseas trip was to retrace my father's path in WWII as part of the 101st Airborne. JC's knowledge and input helped me plan for, and navigate the trip of a lifetime without incident.

John L.

As a woman traveling solo with children, it put my mind at ease knowing what to expect, how to prepare my children and most importantly: What to do when the unexpected happens.

Terisa R.

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