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Vacation Spoilers and Travel With Large Luggage

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It’s that time of year again – all those outdoor sporting opportunities which may require getting gear from home to that awesome adventure. Let’s not forget that there are plenty of festivals and holidays going on out there which could interrupt your vacation. Travel safety is more than just awareness and knowing what to do in emergency situations; it’s also about planning and packing in a way that makes you safer overseas.

It seems that we’ve got a two-sided dilemma on our hands – so let’s break it down into two separate issues by tackling traveling with large gear and planning to avoid possible vacation spoilers. I’ve discussed these issues on Roam Right Travel Insurance’s blog, so I’ll include links to the full articles if one of these topics piques your interest.

Avoiding Vacation Spoilers


Nothing’s worse than showing up in a new country, ready to go, jet lag be damned, and finding that restaurants, stores, monuments, taxis and buses are shut down, leaving you hungry, frustrated, confused and sometimes stranded.

As I travel, for work or otherwise, I have found that there are three reasons which will most commonly waylay your vacation. I do a good amount of research on these during the planning phase of any trip I take:

  • Major holidays
  • Demonstrations
  • Elections

I break these down as well as how to research and avoid these vacation spoilers, in my article on Roam Right’s page

Traveling With Large Luggage


The gentleman in the picture above has just re-assembled his bike after arriving in Bergen, Norway for a sweet tour on two wheels across the country. Cycling trips are not the only reason you might want to bring big sporting gear from home; what about a gear-heavy competition like a triathlon, snowboarding, or a hunting trip?
But wait – you’ve got more options than to fly with your gear… well, except guns. With guns you are somewhat limited. I break down large luggage into three solid travel options:

  • Fly with it
  • Ship it
  • Rent it there

I break down all three options in my full article on Roam Right’s blog

Have you traveled with large luggage for a gear heavy event or vacation? How did it go? Would you do it differently now?

Have any more tips for avoiding vacation spoilers? Leave a comment below!

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