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Tutorial: Encrypting your personal documents

By September 13, 2016 No Comments

We don’t like to leave home without our technology these days. We want to stay connected – it creates a safety blanket feeling when we travel. Whether that’s just a phone, a laptop, tablet or combination of devices, we typically bring a collection of hardware that contains our personal information.

Your personal information is littered across your devices

That info may be contact info on a phone, passwords that we transmit over un-secure connections (see the article on VPNs if you use public Wi-Fi). Personal information could also be on documents you have saved on your computer; loan applications from your last refi or car purchase, bank statements, copies of your drivers’ license, etc. In our article on Virtual Security (Click here to catch up on the conversation) we delve into several methods that will help you protect your personal information while you travel. One of those methods is to use encryption to protect your files.

Encryption, de-cryptified

Encryption is not exclusive to those who work in windowless rooms anymore. There are several programs out there which allow you to easily create encrypted folders to store your personal documents while you travel. Still sound daunting? I’ve created a quick tutorial (8:30) to walk you through the process and the basic terminology.

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Do you encrypt your personal files for travel?

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