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Travel Tech: Postagram

By December 30, 2014 No Comments

What postcards should be!

My new favorite travel app: Sincerely’s Postagram

Remember post cards?  Now you can send real postcards using photos YOU’VE taken along with a personalized message to whoever you like!  After sending postcards from the Philippines which never reached their intended recipients, I decided to find a safer alternative. This is our story…


  • They ship from the US:  Faster delivery, no getting lost in international post, no trying to figure out how much postage or which stamps will get it back home.
  • You use your own photos!:  Can’t find a postcard with a great shot of the (insert name of famous monument here)? You take control and can put yourself in the shot!
  • Your photo is also a magnet: Yes, your photo can adorn the fridge alongside save the dates, holiday cards and finger paintings!
  • Address book: No remembering your friends’ addy while traveling.  Once you enter them in, you can refer back to them in a snap!
One hug - ready to go out!

The app in action


  • No cool foreign stamp – sorry collectors.
  • Impersonal? I don’t think so, but just trying to come up with something to fill space…
  • WiFi dependant.

I found it was easier to set up the address book using my laptop, but once that’s done, just download the app, purchase some credits, take awesome photos and gen up some witty banter to add to the card! A week or so later and voilà ! Your friends are doubly impressed at your exploits and can stick the photo magnet to the fridge!

Have you used this? Do you love it?

*I receive no cool swag or free stuff for my opinions, awesome as they may be

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