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Road trip music in any rental car

If you know me, you know that I will listen to the same song on repeat for longer than most people (I apologize to all my college roomies).  However, seven hours of one David Gray song driving through Greece was the limit. I knew I had to find a solution that didn’t involve buying CDs from a guy selling them on a blanket or watching the radio scan endlessly for a station that played something other than what sounded like Spanish love songs on Greek radio.

Get your groove on!

Get your groove on!

Enter the Go Groove FlexSmart FM transmitter.
This is the one item I take with if I know I’ll be in a car for any length of time, no matter what country I’m in this thing works.

Why the Go Groove FlexSmart is awesome:

  • It’s light, and breaks down into easily transportable pieces for quick backpack storage.
  • Quick search for new station:  No waiting… No eyes darting from road to radio to see if you’ll land on an empty station.
  • Power: This is clutch for the traveler – recharge anything that has a USB plug. I’ve recharged my phone, my tablet and my Solio charger with it.
  • You can set it to even or odd stations. Not all countries operate on odd-only stations.
  • Blue tooth or plug the device into the go groove audio jack.
  • Lighter plug adapter. I’ve had the go groove in at least 12 different rental cars in five different countries and on only one occasion has this presented an issue due to the location of the cigarette lighter outlet (GMC Yukon); but more often than not things were fine.
  • Flexible cord holds go groove control in place so you can easily see and manipulate it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take in some local culture and listen to the music of the land… but in my experience the music of the land usually includes US or British bands singing songs that were bad when they came out 5-10 years ago… and still are.  Extreme boredom in the car can make or break a trip – especially a solo trip. This is a huge mental pick me up… basically the equivalent to when Les Stroud makes a fire while stranded in the woods.

What’s your car tunes solution?

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