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Travel Safer, Travel Better

By January 8, 2014 No Comments

So why a travel blog?

Well, my friend – because YOU are going on a trip; maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon.  It could be for work, for school, a family vacation or for the best reason: Adventure.  Whether you hit the road to go international or within your own state, you will find something here that makes it safer and easier to travel.

I was woefully unprepared for my first international trip.  First rate N008.  It was awful.  The night before I leave for an eight-week French immersion course in Quebec, my best friend Brandon gives me what is quite possibly the best piece of advice I had received thus far:  He hands me a compass and says, “If things get bad… head south.”  Thirty-four countries later and I still laugh at the mistakes I made (and my passport photo), thankfully Canada is fairly forgiving.

Head West, my boy!

Photo courtesy of John Hix

My goal is to help you have an incident free adventure: I want to help you stay out of the line at the embassy replacing a stolen passport; you should be diving with dolphins instead of making overseas calls to your bank to cancel your cards (“Did I remember all of them?”).  In short, I want you to have the safest, best trip you can have.

So, from here on out my aim is to make your trip memorable for the right reasons.  Expect lots of safety advice and travel tips for packing better, navigating airports and train stations, driving internationally and above all; staying out of trouble and learning to blend in overseas.

My first piece of advice: Always take your compass.

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