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The Best Way To See Copenhagen: Running

By July 25, 2016 No Comments

I recently had the opportunity to join Running Copenhagen on a running tour through the historic streets of Copenhagen. This is more than a tour – this is city familiarization. I’ll go one step further and say that the guides’ enthusiasm and willingness to share their secret spots will take you from feeling like a tourist, to feeling like a local and turn you into a raving fan of CPH.

Cinnamon and choco roll

Direktor Snegl – my motivation

From a travel safety perspective, there is nothing better than taking a tour with an experienced guide through a new city when you arrive. The guide creates a safe environment to explore the city up close and is always willing to let you know which areas should be avoided (which are few and far between in Copenhagen). From a fitness (or maybe foodie) perspective, I love working out in the morning so I can devour guilt-free whatever culinary delights I come across the rest of the day.

Time saver

Running_Copenhagen_GuardsIf you only have a few days to explore this amazing city, doing a running tour on the outset will help you make the most of the rest of your visit. In an hour or so, you will see the city’s main attractions and hidden hotspots, checking off bucket list items, and giving you an idea of which areas you want to come back to and spend some extra time exploring. At the end you will also be familiar with the city, so you will spend less time getting lost.

Kudos for Running Copenhagen


Owner / Director Lena is serious about safety.
She addresses the subject in an article on her blog from three different angles: Violence, injury and traffic.
Additionally, all guides are required to go through a running group safety course.

Choose your experience

Eleven different tours ranging from Urban, Trail, Family, Group, Private, Architecture, Sunrise, at varying distances (3.1 mile to 13.1 mile).
RCPH lets you decide what kind of experience you want.

Private Groups

Private groups means:

  • More time to stop for photos
  • More time to ask questions
  • Better chance to keep the pace
  • Small groups (2-8) are also available

Great reputation

Running Copenhagen ranks #1 on TripAdvisor out of 64 outdoor activities in Copenhagen.
They maintain a five-star rating with almost 300 reviews.
They also earned TripAdvisors ‘Certificate of Excellence’

Owner Lena weighs in with keys to a successful running tour:

  • Be curious and show up with an open mind.
  • Be ready to have fun, enjoy Copenhagen and meet a local and happy runner.
  • Dress appropriately – if in doubt, email us!
  • Plan it ahead of time, spots fill up fast and a running tour is best done as you arrive in a new city.
  • Don’t bring a large camera or extra gear. Use this as recon to scope out the great spots to return for photos later. Most phones can take Instagram-worthy pictures today anyway.
  • Ask questions. Guides love it when you express interest in their city and won’t be afraid to tell you which areas to avoid.

To hear more from Lena, visit Running Copenhagen’s blog.

Not that Copenhagen is dangerous, Denmark is one of the safest countries I have been to; however, unfamiliar city streets can seem dangerous or intimidating, so running through the winding streets in the early morning with a guide removes that barrier and turns a strange city into home for the rest of your vacation.
If you plan to visit Copenhagen, contact Running Copenhagen ahead of time and reserve your place.

Register here.

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A special thanks to Running Copenhagen for providing a complimentary spot on their group tour. My opinions on the great tour and the fantastic guide (Anna) are my own.

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