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Tech Review | Sitata Travel App

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Minimize your time researching location safety information and get back to eye-guzzling sweet Instagram photos of your next destination.

What is it?

sitata_logoSitata is a top-to-bottom travel safety application. Think of it as a planning tool, hand-held warning system and local friend who knows where to find a quality doctors.

What all does it do?

Sitata gives you up-to-the-minute, personalized health & safety information. Sitata’s experts monitor the world 24/7 and keep you informed no matter where you are on disease outbreaks, protests, extreme weather, etc. If you come down with gut rot (or worse) it will point you in the direction of a trusted doctor. They even have a mobile community to discuss tourist traps, where to eat, and more.

“We were in Paris March 22nd; we don’t speak French, and on vacation we rarely watch the news – Sitata was how we  learned about the bombings in Brussels.” ~Katie W.

If you read any of my country profiles, you’ll see that I research (among other things) emergency numbers for every destination on my itinerary. I also double-check the CDC website to verify which vaccinations are required. If this isn’t something you do on the reg, you might think it looks like a lot of work… which you would then skip while planning your next trip, because let’s face it – we’d all rather look at Pinterest bucket list photos of things you’re going to see instead of digging through boring government websites.

BUT WAIT! That stuff is important!

Sitata recognized this and created a central platform where you can access all this information without having to surf multiple sites. Sitata streamlined my pre-trip travel research significantly. Named for the ancient deity Sitātapatrā, often known as the Goddess of the White Parasol and protector against supernatural danger, the app has its roots in the first digital disease surveillance and detection system ever created; providing a service that was once reserved for government organizations and corporations, now available in the palm of your hand. Sitata’s goal is to empower the individual traveler, and I believe they have succeeded.

Real-world application

A friend of mine called asking for advice on her upcoming trip to Paris; after the conversation, I signed her up for a Sitata account. It was Sitata, not CNN that warned her about the bombings in Brussels. Fortunately, she did not have plans to visit Brussels on this trip. Because of the app; however, she was aware of a regional event that could have disrupted public transportation and/or her flight back home.

Sitata travel map

My summer, at a glance

I found the app very user friendly; just set up an account and plug in your upcoming destinations, Sitata delivers an easily navigable and intuitive dashboard, listing out the following information for all the countries on your itinerary:

  • Outbreaks and concerns
  • Required vaccinations
  • Emergency numbers
  • Safety and security tips for each country on the list
  • Alerts
  • Advisories

Traveling with others?

All the info on your dashboard is set up for a quick print out, especially handy if you have multiple people traveling with who need access to the information or if you need a printout of the required vaccines for an entire trip to take to your doctor when you get your Yellow Shot Card.

Sitata is not a fire and forget application. Its usefulness spans an entire trip: from the planning stages to the return home this app will make every stage of your travel safer and easier.

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