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If you’re unfamiliar with what a VPN is or why you need one, start with this article on the basics of a Virtual Private Network.


NordVPN is easy to use, great for streaming, super secure and works on Windows, iOS, and Android.

So let’s run through my personal favorite features, talk pros and cons, and double back to highlight some other cool features.

My Personal faves:

Kill Switch: If your VPN cuts out, how would you know? How much data would you transmit before you knew you were unsecured? Enable NVPN’s kill switch and it will automatically close down any application that you designate in the event that the secure connection is broken.

No logs policy: You are never tracked while online.


  • Configuration is a breeze – upon initial installation of the app on your iOS or Android device (I used an Android Samsung S6 Active for the purposes of this review) NordVPN will download the server signatures (the key files which allow the two end points to encrypt and decrypt your signal).
  • The graphics are easy to read and kind of fun, if I do say so myself…
  • Quick startup tutorial is light and effective.
  • Speed – NVPN will automatically choose the closest server with the most bandwidth available, saving you the time and trouble of picking a speedy server to watch the latest season of Blacklist sans buffering issues.
  • Minimal clutter, it’s like the antithesis of a hoarder. Your options are to connect to a server, or to add


  • Does not block ad trackers, but then again, you should be clearing your browser history and cookies frequently – I set mine to clear every time I close the browser window.
  • Smart Play Drops out a lot on Android, then logged me off randomly.
  • Smart play does not seem to be available on Windows.

Why it’s awesome

  • Make is fast: 696 server locations, which means you can pick the one that gives you the strongest (fastest) connection.
  • RSA is short for (no, not French welfare) Rivest-Shamir-Adleman.
  • Bitcoin accepted: For those who’ve gone off the grid, this is the perfect payment option.
  • Smart Play: Heavy traveler does not equal hermit. Keeping up with your favorite shows back home, Smart Play feature that allows you to connect your favorite streaming services **How does Smart-Play work?** Special high speed servers specifically for this feature.

If you’re not using a VPN to access the internet on public WiFi spots (cafes, airports, Airbnbs), here’s another reason why you should.


  • 2048-bit SSL encryption. Asymmetric cryptography with a public and private key which encrypts your specific traffic between you and the server.
  • Double VPN: Why encrypt only once, when you can double it?!?

If you want to know more about their security features, I’ll let them tell you

Also, for additional reviews of NordVPN and the other options out there, be sure to visit Reviews.com to find the best VPN for YOUR needs. *Spoiler, NordVPN was ranked as their favorite.


Want more from NordVPN? You can find them here:

*The YouTube channel is great for tutorials

*I receive no compensation from NordVPN for my thoughts, awesome though they may be…

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