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Solo Travel: Nadia’s Story

By March 26, 2018 No Comments

Do you have a travel dream?

Nadia was looking for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
Sitting in the safety of her living room, she took a deep breath and looked back at the laptop.
There it was. In black and white… or rather in bright red; the button that said, “Complete Purchase.”
In the fields above the button was her credit card information.
Just above were the details for a flight to Ireland.
Twelve days in Ireland. Not bad, right?

She thought about the reasons not to go: Never been out of the country; a woman traveling solo; driving overseas on the other side of the road; no relatives or friends in country… The list continued to grow.

It was at that point that the questions started: What if I’m robbed? How would I get cash? How would I get back home? What if I’m in a car accident? What if I get sick? What do I pack?

She looked back and clicked the red button. Staring back at her was the confirmation page. A shudder of panic, relief, and excitement ran up her spine as the rush of adrenaline hit:

“This is happening. This just got real.”

Nadia swept away at Moher

On the windy cliffs of Moher

Fast forward six weeks and Nadia has a copy of the Travel Safety Handbook, but working full time and taking care of an (adorable) five-year-old meant a lot of the questions on her list above were going unanswered and the stress was growing.

When I spoke to Nadia, she was clearly excited (with an undercurrent of anxiety). We decided she was the perfect candidate for a Travel Assessment Package (TAP):

  1. Not sure where to start the research.
  2. Too busy to sort through the thousands of travel websites out there.
  3. Unclear which websites are trustworthy.

A week later, profile in hand; answers to all her questions, compiled into one packet, with references that she could double check for herself. We walked through the TAP and talked about what her next steps should be to prepare for the trip. 

*If you’re curious, click here to read (or download) Nadia’s actual TAP for Ireland.

Want to hear the story straight from Nadia? She is phenomenal and makes you feel like you are in Ireland right alongside her.

Click here to start your own Travel Assessment Package.

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