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With over 550,000 friends, followers and fans (as of April 2018), Nadine has been traveling the world and connecting with people for almost a decade now. If you’re looking for advice on travel fashion, travel accessories, electronics, bucket-list ideas, or my favorite, how to avoid travel scams, Hey Nadine is your one-stop-shop.  

Nadine steps out from behind the camera to join our Q&A; be sure to read the final question – we love her response! 

When did you start traveling? 

I started traveling in 2010 after I graduated University.  I did a working holiday to New Zealand for a year, and in between working I would hop over to various countries in Asia and around New Zealand. 

What’s your favorite place to travel? 

 I love the mountains in the summertime, so Europe for sure! But I also love the tropics and the warmth that come along with it. So… a mixture of both of those! 

“Every “tourist spot” is someone else’s backyard. So please be respectful.”


What’s your worst/best travel story? What happened, how did you deal with it? (This could also be a lead-in to the next question).

 Probably the time I got my camera bag stolen in Banos, Ecuador in 2013. Someone stole my DSLR, smaller camera, iPhone, sister’s phone, extra lens, some cash, and a few of our cards at a private group event. It was my most traumatic experience abroad; I was absolutely devastated as it wasn’t just my camera, it was my livelihood. At the time, I wasn’t making a lot of money, not even full-time at that point. So I wasn’t going to be able to afford to replace it for many, many months. But this also turns into one of my best travel stories, as I started a Go Fund Me to help raise money to buy a new camera (out of a suggestion from a friend). I not only met but exceeded my target in less than two days! I was so astonished by the power of the internet and in having an audience that truly cares about you and what you do. I was able to get back to video making within a month, and I have all my subscribers to thank for that. 

Is that where you came up with the idea for Hey Nadine? 

Haha, actually I came up with Hey Nadine because my original youtube username was nayders07. Since back in 2006 I was just watching videos and I needed a username to login to YouTube, so I just made it up on the spot without thinking of “branding” etc. 

What’s your number one piece of travel advice? 

 Be respectful of other peoples’ homes. And I’m not just talking about their physical homes, but their countries, cities, and beaches. Every “tourist spot” is someone else’s backyard. So please be respectful of rules and don’t ruin it for everyone else.  

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