Take a deep dive into the tools and information that you, your family, team or class needs for any trip, anywhere in the world.

What’s included?

  • Personalized travel report identifying entry requirements, analysis of potential travel disruptions, in-country emergency phone numbers and must have contact information.
  • Country profile, featuring our six-point diagnosis used to define the security situation in any country.
  • Post assessment action plan with next steps and timelines.
  • The Travel Safety Handbook, the ultimate guide to safer, better travel (five star Amazon rating).
  • The Travel Safer emergency Crib Sheet to track your important travel details.

The package includes two, thirty-minute consultations

Call One

During the first 30 minutes we will establish the details of the upcoming trip; identify any concerns and potential pitfalls.

Call Two

The second 30 minute call will discuss the results of the TAP and establish an action plan of the ideal steps to take before you depart. We will also highlight and discuss how to avoid the most frequently cited traveler issues and danger zones in country.
This package is ideal for anyone who finds themselves in charge of a family or group of travelers, anyone traveling alone for the first time, or anyone traveling for work to a less than hospitable location.


Travel Assessment Package

Perfect For:
  • Solo female travelers
  • First-time travelers
  • Study abroad students
  • Road warriors (business travel)
  • Families heading overseas with the kiddos

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What Travelers Are Saying:

“It was really fun receiving the TAP. I felt like it answered all my questions in one quick packet! J.C. was so helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease.”

Nadia C.First time traveler: Ireland

How We Approached the TAP

We recognized that there is so much information available from potentially questionable sources that travelers were faced with two challenges when preparing for travel:

  1. Knowing who to trust.
  2. Finding and bring together all of the information into one place.

The Travel Assessment Package (TAP) solves both of these problems:

We scour the sites that we trust to bring you a comprehensive and easily digestible package of travel information. This is the same process that J.C. developed while traveling as a contractor to more than 25 locations around the globe. The TAP will show you exactly what measures to take before you head to the airport and what to expect when you land.


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