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Gear Review: Travel Boxers (hidden pockets)

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On my way back from Nicaragua I gave my belt to a homeless man who demonstrated the gravity of his situation by highlighting that he didn’t even have a belt. Problem solved. Except… it was my money belt. So now how do I carry cash overseas without worrying about pickpockets?

The solution came to me from Annie Holden, designer of The Travel Bra.  It just so happens that she also makes a pair of men’s ‘knickers’ with hidden pockets, perfect for traveling and storing cash/documents.

TTB Men's knickers in action

TTB Men’s knickers in action

I’ve been testing out the boxer briefs over the last month and here’s what I’ve found:


This is the perfect under the clothing safety device.

You want to pack less, AND store your cash/credit cards safely? Reduce the amount of stuff you take with you by making your gear pull double-duty. These boxers store your irreplaceable items and function as a regular pair of boxers. A normal pair of really comfortable boxers that is.


Yes, these are comfy. Seriously comfy. They’re 30% bamboo with nylon and spandex but feel like cotton. Amazing. Part of the comfort comes from having no tag on the inside; instead, the label is printed on fabric. No scratching or fidgeting on a six-hour plane ride. Excellent.


The Knickers have four front pockets sized perfectly to keep cash, a passport, coins or a key and credit cards secure while you’re traveling. The pockets lie on non-creasing, non-pinch points in the pants. This is crucial when you’re sitting for extended periods of time or walking up steep hills in places like Istanbul where you certainly do not want a piece of hard plastic jabbing you with every step. They also have a larger pocket in the back of the shorts. I would assume this is where you store things that you give to people you don’t like. However, the shorts are part bamboo, which is anti-microbial, so there’s less funk absorption than a regular pair of short.

“But JC, how do I get to my cash without looking like a pervert?”

Out of the box

Out of the box, ready for the road!

The whole point is that NOBODY is getting to whatever is in these knickers. They are a functional, anti-theft device. You don’t want easy access to these. This is where you put your irreplaceable items, credit cards, and large bills. However, say you find that awesome Turkish rug and want to buy it now since you will never find this rug shop again if you have to go back to the hotel for your card or spare cash. In this case, you politely excuse yourself, go to the restroom and transfer however much money you need from the knickers to your pants pockets and go back out to have more tea and make that purchase.


I washed these in the sink, rolled them up in a towel and stepped on it, then hung them by the window. They were dry by morning. When I travel, I go light and only carry two pairs of undies, which necessitates a ‘wear and wash’ system.

Preference point:

I prefer the longer leg version of these as opposed to short knickers, but again, that’s a matter of preference.

Does your gear do double duty?

*I would like to thank Annie and The Travel Bra for providing me with a free sample to test out. My opinions are my own.

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