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Gear Review | Pacsafe Travel Safe

By January 28, 2016 2 Comments

Solve the dilemma of what to do with your valuables when you travel and never wonder how secure the hotel safe is again

(Spoiler alert – the hotel safe is not safe)

Analysis of a dilemma:

Problem 1: I’m tied to the hotel.  I can’t leave anything there, too many stories about valuables disappearing from the hotel.
Problem 2: I can’t take all my stuff with me; if I’m robbed, I’d lose everything.

Pacsafe Portable Safe

Pacsafe Portable Safe

That’s a doubly negative situation. Obviously nobody travels so they can sit in their hotel room and I personally NEVER use the hotel safe… except to store Clif Bars or dirty socks. So what’s the solution? For unfettered, worry-free exploration I use the PacSafe Travel Safe to store my passport, shot cards, international driver’s license, wallet, credit cards, keys, spare cash, flash drives, etc. I leave all my hard to replace items in the room and take only what I need out on the town. I discovered this little beauty at REI back when I first started traveling for work and now take it EVERYWHERE I travel.



You can check out all the features on the PacSafe site, but here’s why I like it:

  • Space: It doesn’t use much (larger versions are available).
  • It folds flat for travel and yet offers a good amount of security for portable devices, passports and wallets to be left back in the hotel.
  • Can be anchored by its metal cord to a pipe or fixture in the room. Most times I just lock it and toss it in my suitcase so it’s out of sight. But if you’re in a sketchy area, anchor it down.
  • Durable: Five years of heavy travel with no issues or breakdowns. Bolt cutters would be required to remove it (if you choose your anchor wisely) which is an unlikely move by most hotel staff It has never gotten any attention going through security and I’ve taken mine everywhere for the last five years.
PacSafe Travelsafe

Feel good about leaving valuables in the hotel

Some other things to improve your experience with this item:

  • Padlock vs Key: Locking the bag can be done with a padlock, combo lock or key lock.   I prefer the padlock without the key option (some have both).  With a combo or padlock you can’t lose the key and it can’t be picked.
  •  I don’t fly with my valuables in the bag and I don’t lock the bag in my luggage, TSA would just cut the lock after it’s checked anyway.
  • I always store the lock in the closed position – that way you have to open it at least once before you use it.

In sum: I’m not tied to my hotel room and I don’t give a second thought to leaving my gear back in the room. Win/win.

Do you use the Pacsafe travel safe? Have you found a better option?

*I am in no way affiliated with PacSafe, nor do I receive any compensation for my thoughts (awesome though they may be)


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