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Gear Review | Cocoon Grid It

By March 14, 2016 No Comments


Hyper-customizable and portable gadget organization system.

Good for:

Organizing power cords, flash drives, computer and iPad Accessories, phones, cameras, pens, markers, zip ties, spare batteries and other digital devices.

Also good for:

Cocoon Grid it system

Organize your life on the road

Reclaiming the space in your carry on.
Presenting an easy to see x-ray image to help you breeze through TSA.
Sparing you the awkward moments when you cannot seem to find that one small plug that is inevitably floating around at the bottom of your bag.

Travelers rejoice!

If you are the type who likes to stay productive whilst transiting various airport lounges and cafés, the Cocoon Grid It system may just be your knight in shining rubberized woven elastic. The grid comes in various sizes and bundles to accommodate even the heaviest gadget-laden travelers; some models include a sleeve for tablets, which creates an easy access portable office. Most options are under a pound, but create a massive space savings despite the additional weight.

Grid it organization system
I will be honest; I received this as a gift for Christmas and did not put it into action until February. It took me a few go’s to get my gear exactly the way I wanted it. Once I had it all in place (and I fit a lot in there), even a swift toss of the bag was not enough to shake loose any of the Grid Its contents


Traveling with a open-layout roller bag back makes the Grid It an absolute necessity; otherwise all the cords, plugs and USB adapters end up floating around at the bottom of the bag. As a backpack traveler, the Grid It made me instantly feel like a grown up. Fellow café goers almost always do a double take, which melts into a wistful look of gear lust when the Grid It emerges from my bag.
Don’t be afraid to get your geek on while traveling. Take control of the addiction and get your gear under control.

*I have no affiliation with, nor do I receive free schwag from Cocoon for my thoughts, awesome though they may be…

How do you organize your gadgets while on the go?

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