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Do you board a plane and walk through the business aisle, eyes ablaze with jealousy at the fancy little travel kits the airline hands out to the passengers at the front of the plane?

Jealous no more, my friends, (green is not your color anyway).

Green looks good on him

Jealous much? Via Gratisography

So, what’s in those bags and how do you create a truly functional one?

It varies from airline to airline; typically, you will find a portable toothbrush, slipper socks, eye mask, lotion, a shoehorn, etc. The more extravagant kits will have shampoos, mouthwash, cologne, and so forth.

However – I don’t use half of what’s in those bags, so I built my own personalized kit based on items which I found were the most useful in flight. I take my Flyaway Kit every time I fly to stay productive in the air if I have to, stay powered up long enough to watch a movie on my phone or even just to relax and catch some zzz’s on a red-eye.

Where to get a bag:

Not everyone is given one of these amenity bags. This does not mean one wouldn’t be useful for those riding in economy. If you’re looking for a pre-made model to work off of, take a look in the seats as you deplane your next international flight, there’s bound to be one left behind.

Alternatively, you could simply buy a pencil bag or small shaving kit and re-purpose it into your own flyaway kit. I like Container Store for this, but look around at your local shops for a size and style that suits you.

Here’s what’s in mine:

Items to combat the dryness.

It’s dry in an airplane cabin, especially on the long hauls. Drinking is always a good idea, but I like to go the extra mile.

  • Lip balm
  • Eye drops
  • Small bottle of lotion
Combat the breath via pixabay

Combat the breath via pixabay

Combat the breath:

  • Chewing gum
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Small travel packet of toothpaste

Convenience and function:

  • Pen for filling out entry forms
  • Portable battery charger and cord


  • Small pillbox with melatonin
  • Earplugs
  • Eye mask

What you bring along in your kit is strictly a matter of taste and comfort. I, myself bring that which makes my style of travel more comfy without adding a lot of weight. I also find that it adds an element of organization to my travel. As I board I no longer have to dig around for the individual elements while others are waiting to sit down. Nor do I have to get up multiple times during the flight. I grab my Flyaway Kit, phone and a magazine, then throw the rest above or under my seat. Simple.

Do you have a Flyaway kit? What’s inside?

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